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Resiliency & Vulnerability Assessment

The Sarasota/Manatee MPO Resiliency & Vulnerability Assessment is a regionally-focused vulnerability and mitigation analysis that identifies vulnerable transportation infrastructure and cost-effective strategies to increase the transportation system’s resilience to storm surge, nuisance flooding, and wildfires.

In 2018, the Sarasota/Manatee Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) conducted an All-Hazards Recovery Workshop, leading to the creation of the Security Assessment Report. This report emphasized the importance of the MPO carefully considering and planning for potential challenges concerning regional assets and infrastructure as part of the long-term transportation plan.

In anticipation of the 2050 plan, the MPO launched a two-phase study that combines thorough planning with resilience. Phase I, completed in February 2023, thoroughly examined potential vulnerabilities in the region, identified critical transportation sites that need attention, and provided practical solutions. Phase II will further improve this list, and ensure the plan is both resilient and adaptable to various scenarios.

Phase I Overview

In early 2022, the Sarasota/Manatee MPO kicked off Phase I of the Resiliency & Vulnerability Assessment. The Assessment built on local hazard mitigation, resiliency, and MPO planning efforts to develop a regionally-focused vulnerability and mitigation analysis. 

The objective of the Assessment was to develop methods that identify cost-effective strategies to mitigate risk associated with hazards to transportation infrastructure.

The MPO's Transportation Resiliency Advisory Group (TRAG), comprised of jurisdictional staff and regional partners, provided technical input on key aspects of the assessment. 

The projects and action items identified in the MPO's Resiliency & Vulnerability Assessment integrates resiliency planning with transportation planning and decision-making. The assessment will be useful to the MPO and local partners to make needed investments in our transportation network to improve the resiliency of our region.

Download the full report here: Resiliency/Vulnerability Final Report

Browse the Executive Summary by clicking on it below: 

Resiliency & Vulnerability Assessment Approach

Executive Summary

Road Network Tiers for MPO Area

The map below represents the Sarasota/Manatee regional road network. Based on the Resiliency & Vulnerability Assessment, the network was categorized into three tiers based on criticality and exposure.

Tier 1 (Red): Most Vulnerable Facilities

These facilities carry the most traffic and may be an evacuation route or connect to a medical facility. This tier includes bridges that connect to barrier islands.

Tier 2 (Blue): Vulnerable Facilities

These facilities carry less traffic, may be a transit route, or connect to schools and employment centers.

Tier 3 (Gray): Least Vulnerable Facilities

These facilities carry the least amount of traffic and do not connect to places of interest.

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