Safety/Security Performance Measure


June 2018

2018 Safety Assessment Report (Draft)

2018 Security Assessment Report (Draft)

Twenty Desktop Assessments

  1. SR 684 (Cortez Road) from Calm Harbor to 1st Street
  2. SR 70 (53rd Avenue) from 14th Street West to 15th Street East
  3. Swift Road from Parma Street to Grand Cayman
  4. US 301 (Washington Boulevard) from 10th Street to 30th Street
  5. US 301 (Washington Boulevard) between 30th Street and Desoto Road
  6. Bahia Vista Street between Carter Avenue and Grand Boulevard
  7. Wilkinson Street between Atwood Cay Circle to Cattleman Road
  8. SR 684 (Cortez Road) from 82nd Street to 32nd Street
  9. 26th Street between 56th Avenue and Cortez Road
  10. 9th Street between Twin Oaks Boulevard and US 301
  11. SR 780 (Fruitville Road) from School Avenue to Bearded Oaks Drive
  12. 26th Street West between 40th Avenue West and 26th Avenue West
  13. Ocean Boulevard/Beach Road between Tenacity Lane and Hour Glass Way
  14. Main Street between Bayfront Drive and US 301
  15. Albee Farm Road between Rehab Center Driveway and West Lucaya Avenue
  16. Gulf Drive Between 58th Street and Holmes Boulevard
  17. Pinebrook Road from Venice Avenue to Ridgewood Avenue
  18. North Bay Boulevard from Hyde Park Avenue to Pan American Boulevard
  19. Biscayne Boulevard from Pine Avenue to Poinsettia Road
  20. 15th Street East from SR 70 to 26th Avenue East

 Four Road Safety Audits

  1. SR 70 (53rd Avenue) from 14th Street West to 15th Street East
  2. SR 301 (Washington Boulvard) from 10th Street to Desoto Road
  3. SR 684 (Cortez Road) from 82nd Street to 1st Street West
  4. SR 780 (Fruitville Road) from School Aveune to Bearded Oaks Drive

April 2017

Performance Measures - Safety Report - April 2017

December 4, 2017 - Safety Target Setting Workshop

PowerPoint Presentation

Vision Zero Video


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