Performance Measures

Fact Sheets
Safety/Security (2017)
Mobility/Congestion/Reliability (2017)
Environment/Livability (2017)
Freight/Economic Development (2017)
Infrastructure Condition (2017)
Project Delivery (2017)

Performance Measures Resources

Project History

June 2018
Performance Measures Mobility/Congestion/Reliability Presentation

April 2018
Final Regional Accessibility Analysis: Metrics Report
Environment and Livability Performance Measures: Proposed Project Prioritization Framework

November 2017
Transportation 4 America Workshop
Transportation 4 America - Beth Osborne
Renaissance Planning - Kathleen Rooney
Sarasota County Health Department - Sophee Payne
Manatee County Health Department - Pascale Edouard
United Way Suncoast - Michael Maurino

ALICE Reports - Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed
Manatee County
Sarasota County

October 2017
AMPO Conference Presentation

September 2017
Performance Measures Target Setting Presentation

June 2017
DRAFT Project Priorities
Project Priorities Summary

April 2017
MPO Ad Hoc Meeting Summary
Performance Measures Implementation Overview Presentation
Project Priorities Scoring Proposal
Project Prioritization Process Chart

March 2017
Bridge Map
Infrastructure Condition Fact Sheet
Pavement Condition Map
Safety Fact Sheet

January 2017
Goal Weighting Exercise
Goal Weighting Worksheet Summary
Performance Measures Chart
Technical Advisory Committee Meeting Presentation

December 2016
MPO Board Meeting Presentation
Goal Weighting Workshop
Network Designation Map
Technical Advisory Committee Meeting Presentation

November 2016
Technical Advisory Committee Workshop 1 Presentation
Technical Advisory Committee Workshop Feedback
Technical Advisory Committee Workshop Scoring Results

October 2016
Freight Summit Agenda
Freight Summit Save the Date
Measuring Performance Freight Report

September 2016
Measuring Performance Safety Report
Performance Measures Safety Presentation

June 2016
Map 21 and Fast Act Summary
Navigating Map 21 and FAST Act Presentation

October 2015
AMPO Conference Presentation

Updated: June 2018