Resources about the safety benefits of roundabouts and how to navigate them. 

Illustration of multi-lane modern roundabouts. Source: FHWA.

Modern roundabouts are a Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Proven Safety Countermeasure and supported by a Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Policy on intersection design decision-making. Modern roundabouts have shown to be highly effective in reducing the rate of serious injury and fatal crashes. Replacing stop-controlled and signalized intersections with roundabouts can reduce crashes that result in incapacitating injuries and deaths by up to 80%. 

This is because they significantly:

  • slow travel speeds and calm traffic;
  • increase driver awareness;
  • reduce the number of conflict points; and,
  • reduce the possibility of high-impact "t-bone" crashes.

Modern roundabouts are a safer intersection solution for both drivers and pedestrians. Because of the safety benefits, the Sarasota Manatee Metropolitan Planning Organization was an early adopter of a regional policy that roundabouts be prioritized as a design alternative when a new intersection project is proposed. 

Other than the critical safety benefits, roundabouts: 

  • create opportunities for placemaking (public art, landscaping, landmarks, gateways);
  • support a more efficient use of resources by reducing idling time and slowing travel speed;
  • reduce noise pollution caused by fast-moving traffic;
  • continue to operate in the case of power outages; and, 
  • are less expensive to build and maintain than conventional intersections. 

Roundabouts 101
Slow Down, Look Around, Be Ready to Yield

Additional Resources

FHWA Proven Safety Countermeasure

"The modern roundabout is an intersection with a circular configuration that safely and efficiently moves traffic. Roundabouts feature channelized, curved approaches that reduce vehicle speed, entry yield control that gives right-of-way to..."

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FDOT Agency Resources

"Did you know there are approximately 20 roundabouts operating on the state highway system, and over 300 roundabouts on local roads throughout Florida? Roundabouts improve traffic flow efficiency and overall safety, providing substantial safety and operational benefits..."

City of Sarasota Informational Videos

Watch two videos from the City of Sarasota Public Works Department to learn more about how to safely navigate a modern roundabout.

Visit Sarasota's Guide to Roundabouts

"Single-lane roundabouts were introduced in downtown Sarasota over the past decade as a way to begin familiarizing the community with how they operate and getting residents and visitors more comfortable navigating them. ..." 

FHWA Roundabouts Library

Explore the FHWA's library of outreach and education resources, technical materials and research, and connections to other transportation safety topics.  

Informational Video


Sarasota/Manatee MPO Executive Director, Dave Hutchinson, presented at the 2022 Institute for Transportation Engineers (ITE) International Conference in New Orleans on innovative uses of roundabouts for safety and placemaking in Sarasota. To view the presentation, click here

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