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September 2018
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Sarasota/Manatee MPO Priorities -- Status Update

US41 Venice Bypass

A before and after picture of the Venice Bypass Project.
  • Approximately $87 million has been dedicated to Venice Bypass.
  • The project's final funding phase is scheduled for FY 2018/19 with construction slated to begin in early 2019.
  • Additional capacity along this corridor will improve regional traffic flow and has been a MPO priority for over a decade.

15th Street East

A picture of a stop sign located at the intersection of 15th Street East and 49th Avenue East.
  • The Project Development and Environmental (PD&E) study has been completed for this project. 
  • Design funding has been acquired and is currently underway.
  • Right of Way (ROW) acquisition is partially funded and will continue to be a MPO priority in the future.

River Road

An aerial photo of River Road.
  • Project Development and Environmental (PD&E) and Design funding has been acquired and is scheduled for completion in FY 2018/19.
  • Right of Way (ROW) acquisition is fully funded and is scheduled for completion in FY 2018/19.
  • Construction of the northern segments will be completed by FDOT, while the southern segment will be funded and completed by Sarasota County.

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