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The Sarasota/Manatee MPO monitors commute times.

The Sarasota/Manatee MPO (MPO) must either establish a 4-year target, a quantifiable target for Travel Time Reliability and Freight Reliability measures, or support the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) target. Within 180 days after FDOT establishes a target (November 14, 2018), the MPO must establish targets. These MAP-21 measures contribute to assessing the National Highway Performance Program and National Highway Freight Program.

This map looks at Level of Travel Time Reliability (LOTTR). Level of Travel Time Reliability (LOTTR) is a metric used to measure the variability of travel times throughout the system. Data was gathered during 4 different time periods throughout the day (AM, Midday, PM, Weekend). If during any time period, the LOTTR ratio is greater than 1.50, the segment or intersection is deemed unreliable. What this means for the commuter is that they could experience a delay at least once a week.

Like the map above, this map looks at Level of Travel Time Reliability (LOTTR). Unlike the map above, this looks at road segments rather than intersections. LOTTR is a ratio calculated using longer travel times (80th percentile) to normal travel times (50th percentile).

This map shows Average Annual Daily Trips (AADT). In other words, AADT shows the average number of daily trips made on a road segment during a given year. This map shows AADT for 2022, but AADT over the last 5 years can be viewed by selecting a road segment and clicking "Historical AADT Chart" at the bottom of the popup. 

Please note: this site contains data for the entire state rather than just the MPO region.

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