Performance Measures At-a-Glance

The Long Range Transportation Plan (Transform2045 LRTP) is centered around performance-based planning. The MPO uses Performance Measures to set goals and objectives in the LRTP, and the performance measures help gauge how the region is implementing programs and policies in each category. There are 8 performance measures outlined in the LRTP, each with numerous long range objectives and benchmarks. The eight performance measures are:

  • Safety | Security
  • Infrastructure | Resiliency
  • Mobility | Reliability
  • Technology | Autonomy
  • Economy | Tourism
  • Environment | Conservation
  • Equity | Livability
  • Projects | Delivery

Each performance measure has a page on this website with more comprehensive data, maps, and information. The At-a-Glance page exists to give an overview of the performance measures. Scroll down to take a glance at the MPO's progress on these measures. While the MPO tracks regional performance measures internally, FDOT tracks statewide performance measures in the FDOT Source Book website. Click here to visit the FDOT statewide performance measures page.