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Transportation Improvement Program

Schedule: Updated annually (Final due to FDOT District Office by July 15th)

The MPO's Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is the primary plan that guides all state and federally funded transportation improvements in the bi-county area. Local transportation needs and improvements are reevaluated annually.  Based on this evaluation, project priorities are established and forwarded to the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) for inclusion into its Five-Year Work Program. The FDOT then programs these projects, in priority order, considering production schedules and funding constraints.  These projects and programs are then adopted in the MPO’s 5 Year Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).  If the FDOT cannot meet all the MPO's priorities the FDOT reports back to the Board to explain why its priorities cannot be met.  Federal and State law mandate all multi-modal transportation improvement projects must be included in and consistent (to the maximum extent feasible) with the MPO's TIP to be eligible for Federal and State funding.  

The TIP also includes the Performance Measures Targets for PM1: Safety, PM2: Bridge and Pavement, PM3: System Performance, Transit Asset Management (TAM), and Transit Safety (PTASP). This section reflects the investment priorities established in the current LRTP and highlights funded projects that make progress towards achieving the performance targets established.

Transportation Improvement Program Documents