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2019 Annual Meeting Schedule


Agendas and Minutes

MPO Governing Board

MPO Board Meeting 5/20/2019 Video Recording
2045 Long Range Transportation Plan TransForum 4/22/2019 Video Recording
MPO Board Meeting 3/25/2019 Video Recording
MPO Board Meeting 1/28/2019 Video Recording
Joint Meeting with Charlotte Co. Punta-Gorda MPO 1/28/2019 Video Recording


Public Transportation Task Force

PTTF Meeting 5/20/2019
PTTF Meeting 3/25/2019

Bike/Ped/Trails Advisory Committee

BPTAC Meeting 5/6/2019
BPTAC Meeting 1/14/2019

Citizens Advisory Committee

CAC Meeting 5/6/2019
CAC Meeting 3/11/2019
CAC Meeting 1/14/2019

Technical Advisory Committee

TAC Meeting 8/12/2019
TAC Meeting 5/6/2019
TAC Meeting 3/11/2019
TAC Meeting 1/14/2019

Manatee TD Local Coordinating Board

Manatee Transportation Disadvantaged LCB Meeting 5/15/2019
Manatee Transportation Disadvantaged LCB Meeting 1/23/2019

Sarasota TD Local Coordinating Board

Sarasota Transportation Disadvantaged LCB Meeting 5/16/2019
Executive Committee Meeting 4/11/2019
Sarasota Transportation Disadvantaged LCB Meeting 1/17/2019

Community Traffic Safety Team

CTST 7/16/2019
CTST 6/18/2019

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Other Resources

Other Resources

The Sarasota/Manatee region is a wonderful place to live, work and play. In 2017, the region welcomed over 5,000,000 visitors from all over the world. Tourism remains a large component of our thriving economy. In fact, tourism alone provides Sarasota/Manatee residents with over 51,000 job opportunities. 

Travellers and part-time residents usually visit the Sarasota/Manatee region from January through April, significantly increasing traffic congestion on the region's road network. It is important that our visitors and part-time residents, as well as full-time/year-round residents, remain aware, vigilant and safe while operating a motor vehicle. Below you will find useful resources to inform you of daily traffic and delays. These tools help you arrive to your destination safely and stress-free.

Traffic Watch

Use these resources and learn about traffic conditions on major roadways across the state.
If you know before you go, you can plan accordingly and save time and money.

Community Resources

Below are central contact points for citizens in Manatee and Sarasota Counties to report an issue, request a service, seek information/referrals, and direct complaints, compliments and suggestions regarding government service.

Manatee County

Citizens Action Center

Learn more

Sarasota County

Contact Center

  • Take action. Be an active participant in your community.
  • Use SeeClickFix to report problems in unincorporated Sarasota County. 
  • You may also call the Contact Center at 941-861-5000 (TTY: 7-1-1 or 1-800-955-8771). Callers may remain anonymous.

Learn more

Planning a visit?

Additional Resources

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It is the Sarasota/Manatee MPO's mission to develop a future plan, through cooperation with our member governments and the general public for a safe, efficient, financially feasible, environmentally sensitive, regional, integrated multimodal transportation system that supports sustainable, livable communities and economic development.

What is an MPO?

The Sarasota/Manatee MPO is the regional transportation planning entity for Sarasota and Manatee Counties. MPOs are established by state and federal laws and through interlocal agreement to provide a process for local governments within the region to coordinate with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). The MPO planning process is continuing, comprehensive and cooperative. 

The Sarasota/Manatee MPO is governed by a 17-member apportioned Board comprised of elected officials representing both counties, nine (9) cities, and a representative of the Sarasota Manatee Airport Authority. The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) District 1 Secretary serves as a non-voting advisor.

General History

MPOs are established throughout the US and had their genesis in the 1950’s and 60’s with the development of the Interstate Highway System and passage of the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1962 to carry out federal transportation planning requirements. Title 23 of the United States Code provides that a metropolitan planning organization (MPO) be designated for each urbanized area with a population of more than 50,000 individuals. The designation of MPOs is accomplished by agreement between the Governor and the affected local governments. In addition, sections 339.175 and 339.176, Florida Statutes, provide requirements for MPO membership composition and the apportionment of voting membership, which is updated after each decennial census. These statutes also describe the purpose, authority and responsibility of MPOs.

Original Creation of the Sarasota/Manatee MPO

Based upon the 1970 Census, in 1977 the population of the Sarasota-Bradenton area was projected to the year 1980. Realizing that the 1980 Census would result in the Sarasota-Bradenton area’s designation as an urbanized area, the Sarasota/Manatee Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) was created in 1978 to meet the requirements of federal law governing the expenditure of federal transportation funds by state and local agencies in Sarasota and Manatee County. The original Sarasota/Manatee MPO Board membership consisted of voting representatives of five local governments: Sarasota County, Manatee County, City of Sarasota, City of Bradenton, and Town of Longboat Key.

MPO Staff


Executive Director

Learner. Maximizer. Input. Self-Assurance. Individualization.


Strategic Planning Manager

Strategic. Achiever. Relator. Analytical. Futuristic.

Leigh Holt
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Direct: 941-259-6043


Planning Assistant

Responsibility. Consistency. Empathy. Achiever. Harmony.

Rachel McClain
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Direct: 941-259-6045


Fiscal/Administrative Manager

Consistency. Empathy. Discipline. Restorative. Adaptability.

Sue Clapsaddle
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Direct: 941-259-6041


Clerk to the Board/Administrative Coordinator

Belief. Adaptability. Empathy. Achiever. Responsibility.

Nanette Eubanks
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Direct: 941-259-6040


Multi Modal Transportation Planner

Significance. Communication. Self-Assurance. Competition. Command.

Ryan Brown
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Direct: 941-259-6052

  • Jurisdiction Liaison

    • City of North Port
    • City of Sarasota
    • City of Venice
    • Sarasota County
    • Town of Longboat Key
  • Plans

    • Active Transportation Plan
    • Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS)
    • Congestion Management Process
    • Long Range Transportation Plan (Mobility/Congestion/Reliability)
    • Project Priorities
    • Transportation Improvement Program
  • Tasks

    • ATMS
    • Congestion Management Process
    • Climate Council
    • Data Scientist
    • FDOT Five Year Tentative Work Program
    • Financier
    • Intelligent Transportation System Management Team (ITSMT)
    • Project Priority Scoring
    • State of the System
    • Traffic Incident Management (TIM)
    • Transportation Improvement Program
    • Transporation Regional Improvement Program (TRIP) with Charlotte
    • Work Program Financial Analysis
  • Performance Measure

    • Environment/Livability
    • Mobility/Congestion/Reliability
    • Project Delivery


Multi Modal Transportation Planner

Strategic. Input. Achiever. Futuristic. Learner.

Alvimarie Corales-Cuadrado
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Direct: 941-259-6044

  • Jurisdiction Liaison

    • Anna Maria
    • Bradenton Beach
    • City of Bradenton
    • City of Palmetto
    • Holmes Beach
    • Manatee County
  • Plans

    • All Hazards Recovery Plan
    • Long Range Transportation Plan (Safety)
    • Project Priorities
    • Safety Assessment Report
    • Security Assessment Report
  • Tasks

    • Airport
    • All Hazards Recovery Plan
    • Central Manatee Network Alternatives Analysis
    • Community Traffic Safety Team
    • Data Scientist
    • Geographic Information System
    • Long Range Transportation Plan Model
    • Map Woman!
    • Port
    • Project Priorities
    • Rail
    • Safety Queen
    • US 41 Multi Modal Emphasis Corridor Gap and Safety Analysis
  • Performance Measure

    • Freight/Economy
    • Infrastructure Condition
    • Safety/Security


Public Involvement Coordinator

Learner. Achiever. Input. Futuristic. Connectedness.

Corinne Tucker
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Direct: 941-259-6046

  • Plans

    • Public Participation Plan (PPP)
    • Long Range Transportation Plan (Public Engagement)
    • Transportation Disadvantaged Service Plan (TDSP) for Manatee and Sarasota Counties
  • Tasks

    • Community Outreach
    • Data Scientist
    • Graphics Guru
    • Infographic Fact Sheets
    • Internal and External MPO Communication
    • Information Technology Aficionado
    • Public Transportation Task Force
    • Social Media Mastermind
    • Transit
    • Transportation Disadvantaged for Manatee and Sarasota Counties
    • Walk/Bike/Paddle
    • Website Design and Content Management

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Our Region

Our Region

Disclaimer: Geographic information provided by Sarasota/Manatee MPO GIS is for general reference only, is subject to change, and is not warranted for any particular use or purpose. Although efforts have been made to ensure the information is accurate and useful, the information contained within may be derived from several sources of varying quality and accuracy. Therefore, Sarasota/Manatee MPO assumes no responsibility for errors in the information and does not guarantee that the data are free from errors or inaccuracies. 

Errors from non-coincidence of features from different data sources may be present. Sarasota/Manatee MPO GIS and the Sarasota/Manatee MPO Board do not warrant and are not liable for inappropriate or unintended uses or interpretation of this information. As such, these digital data are distributed on "as is" basis and the user assumes all risk as to their quality, the results obtained from their use, and the performance of the data.

While Sarasota/Manatee MPO GIS endeavors to create the most accurate data available, this data should not be used for site-specific evaluation, surveying, or engineering purposes. It should also not be used beyond the limits of the source scale.

Use of this data is considered as acceptance of the limitations of this data and that the user has read and understood the metadata prior to its use in any form.

This data may be used without further constraint provided this entire metadata document accompanies the dataset.

This data may not be sold in any form. Acknowledgement of Sarasota/Manatee MPO GIS would be appreciated in products derived from these data.

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To find projects that are happening in your neighborhood.


walk, bike, transit, vehicle, freight
  • community roads

    Community Roads

    • Provide local access to homes, businesses, essential services, and recreation
    • Multimodal in nature and incorporate land use context
  • regional roads

    Regional Roads

    • Accommodate major regional movements within Sarasota/Manatee
    • Provide connections between major activity centers and other Regional or
    Inter-Regional facilities
  • inter-regional roads

    Inter-Regional Roads

    • Provide connections to other regions
    • Move people through the region, not within

Community Road Projects

SR 758 (Bee Ridge Road) from Bond Place to Cattleman Road


FID: 42
Item Number: 4365671

Project Flyer

Ellenton Gillette Road at 69th Street East

Add Left Turn Lane(s)

FID: 26
Item Number: 4351201

Project Flyer

Trail Bridge over Laurel Road Legacy Trail

Pedestrian/Wildlife Overpass

FID: 57
Item Number: 4369791

Project Flyer

10th Avenue from Riverside Drive to 17th Street West

Complete Streets Study

SR 776 at CR 777 Dearborn Street

Construction Project

Project Flyer

Regional Road Projects

US 41 at Dr. MLK Jr. Way and US 41 at Myrtle Street

Project Development and Environment Study (PD&E)

Project Website

SR 70 (15th Street East) at 9th Avenue East (Martin Luther King Avenue) in Manatee County


Project Flyer

US 41 from Blackburn Point Road to McIntosh Road

Design Project

SR 64 at Greyhawk Boulevard/Pope Road

Safety Improvements - Median Modification

US 301 at CR 675/Rutland Road

Safety Improvement Project

US 41 from Ringling Boulevard to Main Street

Project Development and Environment Study (PD&E)

US 41 (SR 45) from 69th Avenue (Bay Drive) to 63rd Avenue West to Cortez Road

Sidewalk Enhancements

Project Website

SR 789 at the Longboat Key Pass Drawbridge

Construction Project

Financial Project ID: 436415-1-52-01

Project Flyer

US 41 Roundabouts from 10th Street to 14th Street in Sarasota County

Multimodal Accessibility Improvements

US 301 from CR 675 to Moccasin Wallow Road


FID: 29
Item Number: 4279952

Project Flyer

US 41 (South Tamiami Trail) from 301 Boulevard West to 21st Avenue West

Safety Improvements

Project Flyer

US 301 from Sr 780/Fruitville Road to 10th Street

Construction Project

Financial Project ID: 438371-1-52-01

Project Flyer

Inter-Regional Road Projects

To view a more comprehensive list of FDOT District One funded projects visit, 

I-75 at SR 64 Interchange

Reconstruction Project

FID: 4
Item Number: 2010326

FDOT Project Manager:

Marléna Gore, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
941-749-3500 x7867

Project Website

I-75 Fruitville Road Interchange

Roadway Improvement Project

FID: 30
Item Number: 4206132

FDOT Project Manager:

Ryan Weeks, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

June 21, 2018 - Public Hearing

Project Website

I-75 from Moccasin Wallow Road to the Hillsborough County Line

Roadway Improvement Project

FID: 36
Item Number: 4349291

For additional information about the project, please call:
Lauren Hatchell, Community Outreach Manager 941-708-4418
Zac Burch, FDOT Communications Office 239-225-1950 

Project Flyer

I-275 Southbound to I-75 Northbound in Manatee County

Bridge Deck Replacement

FID: 87
Item Number: 4362991

For additional information about the project, please call:
Lauren Hatchell, Community Outreach Manager 941-708-4418
Zac Burch, FDOT Communications Office 239-225-1950 

Project Flyer

I-275 at the Sunshine Skyway Rest Area

Rest Area Construction and Seawall Repair Project

FID: 19
Item Number: 4385281

For additional information about the project, please call: 
Lauren Hatchell, Community Outreach Manager 941-708-4418
Zac Burch, FDOT Communications Office 239-225-1950

Project Flyer

I-75 at SR 70 Interchange

Interchange Improvements

Financial Project ID: 201032-2-52-01

For more information about the improvements, contact:
Brian Bollas, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Zachary Burch, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Construction starts October 8, 2018

Project Website

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