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May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Tallahassee, FL – The Florida Department of Transportation is observing May as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.  More than a million drivers in Florida have a motorcycle endorsement on their driver licenses, and many visitors ride motorcycles in the Sunshine State due to Florida’s great weather and roads. Safety is FDOT’s top priority and throughout the month the department is working to raise awareness and educate all road users on the importance of motorcycle safety.

FDOT Secretary Mike Dew said, “It’s everyone’s responsibility to use care and drive responsibly by looking out for all motorists, especially those on motorcycles. By working together, and following important safety practices, users of our roadways can become better aware of motorcyclists while traveling throughout the state.”

During Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, FDOT is asking motorcyclists and motorists to share the road by using these simple tips.

Tips for motorcyclists: 

Tips for drivers:


April 30, 2018

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